Analysis and battery testing

For battery analysis and testing we use a range of battery testers with different specifications.

CADEX  C8000

Cadex 8000 tester


The Cadex C8000 delivers the versatility needed to ensure you get the right performance from the batteries used in your applications. The C8000 is a multi-purpose tool that allows you to optimize batteries at every stage of product life.

You can capture load signatures of power tools and laptops and then perform simulated battery runtime by replying the stored data. Add a thermal chamber,
external load bank and other accessories, and you begin realizing that the
Cadex C8000 stands in a class by itself at an affordable price.
– Device Simulation helps you choose the right battery
– Life Cycle Testing helps you characterize the battery
– Custom Programming helps you monitor quality and performance
– Service Programs help you maintain the battery



Standard Components Each Standard System includes:

– C8000 Test Unit
– BatteryLab PC Software (CD-ROM)
– 4 Power Port Cables
– 4 Auxiliary Cables
– 1 Dual Power Port Cable
– 1 Ethernet Cable
– 3AC Power Cords (N. America, Europe, UK type)
– Rack Mounting Bracket Set for 19” 3U Rack
– 1 QuickStart Guide

Channels 4 Independent Channels each including:

– 1 Battery Port + 1 I/O Port

Dimensions 480mm x 380mm x 140mm (18.9” x 15.0” x 5.5”)
Weight 15.5 kg (34 lb)
Mounting Options Desktop or 19” (483mm) 3U Rack-mount (brackets included)
Display 5.7” (145mm) QVGA 320×240 graphics with backlight
Battery Ports (Front Panel) 4 Ports each including:

– Battery Positive (+)
– Battery Negative (-)
– Sense Positive (+)
– Sense Negative (-)
– Thermistor Input
– Thermistor Ground

Input/Output (I/O) Ports (Front Panel) 4 x DB25 Type each including:

– 4 Differential Analog Inputs: 0-5V, 0-10V, or 0-15V
– 4 Digital Inputs: 0-5V
– SMBus Enabled: 5 Possible Termination Signals

Active Data Ports (Back Panel) – Ethernet 10/100 MB for connection to PC
– Designated Serial Port for External Load
– Designated Serial Port for Environmental Chamber
Recommended Operating Temperature 5ºC-35ºC (40ºF-95ºF)
Recommended Storage Temperature -20ºC-70ºC (-4ºF-160ºF)
Battery Testing
Chemistries All Standard Battery Types:

– Lead Acid
– Ni-based: NiMH, NiCd
– Li-based: Li-ion, Li-Phosphate

Capacity Range 50mAh to 1000Ah
Battery Interfaces
Power Port Cable (Standard) – power 4x 1.8m (6’) with alligator type clips
Auxiliary Cable (Standard) – data 4x 1.8m (6’)
Dual Port Power Cable (Standard) – power 1x 1.8m (6’) – connects to channels 1+2 or 3+4 to increase current capability from 10A to 20A
SnapLock Battery Adapter Unit (Optional) 2-bay unit connects to C8000 standard cables supports:

– SnapLock Battery Adapters (4-Wire type only)
– RigidArm Universal Adapter

Input Power – 100-240 VAC
– 50-60 Hz
Battery Voltage Range Nominal 1.2V-36V (max 45V) supports serial connection of:

– Up to 10 Li-ion cells (3.6V/cell)
– Up to 18 Lead Acid cells (2.0V/cell)
– Up to 30 Nickel-based cells (1.2V/cell) – Note: 45V maximum total

Maximum Charge Power 100W per channel = 400W total
Maximum Discharge Power 80W per channel = 320W total
160W per channel pair using Dual Power Port cable
External Load may be used to increase discharge up to 2400W
Maximum Charge/Discharge Current 30mA to 10A set in 1mA increments
20A maximum discharge rate using Dual Power Port cable
External Load may be used to increase discharge up to 240A
Output Frequency – Square 2kHz (500 microseconds)
Accuracy – Voltage = 0.1%
– Current = 0.25% full scale
Power Management Current automatically scaled down if power limits are exceeded – message indicates scaled test
Charge Methods Charge methods are dependent upon chemistry:

– Li-ion + Lead Acid = constant voltage with a current limit
– Nickel-based = constant current with optional Reverse Load Charge method

Discharge Methods – Constant current
– Constant power
Data Acquisition
System Sample Rate 500 microseconds
Termination Data (last 500 samples) Capture Rate 2-200 mS
Capture/Display Rate (non-termination) 1-60 S
Load Capture Minimum Sample Rate Increment = 500 microseconds
# of Samples = 10-500
Safety CSA, UL, CE
Environmental RoHS, WEEE
Service Standard Service Programs:

– Charge
– Auto
– Prime
– Boost

Rapid Tests Standard Rapid Tests:

– OhmTest
– Impedance

Advanced Standard Advance Programs:

– Runtime
– Life Cycle
– Self-Discharge
– Discharge Only
– Extended Prime
– Load Capture (requires BatteryLab + LCU)

SMBus – Battery Info
– Fuel Gauge Calibrate
– SMB Charge
– SMB Discharge
Custom (requires BatteryLab) – Maximum Steps = 100
External Test Equipment Control
Environmental Chambers Models supported:

– Thermotron 2800/3800/8800
– Test Equity Watlow 4

External Digital Loads B&K Precision Programmable DC Electronic Loads 8500 Series models supported:

– 8510 (0.1V-120V/120A/600W)
– 8514 (0.1V-120V/240A/1200W)
– 8518 (0.1V-60V/240A/1200W)
– 8520 (0.1V-120V/120A/2400W)

Load Capture Cadex Load Capture Unit (LCU)
Security Password protection
Standard 2 year limited warranty (materials & workmanship)
Extended (Optional) Additional 2 years (total = 4 years)
Calibration Recommended factory calibration every 1 year
Contact Cadex for further information
Upgrades Firmware upgrades enabled by BatteryLab software
BatteryLab™: Technical Specifications
System Requirements PC with the following available:

– Windows XP O/S
– Ethernet connection
– 1.2 GHz processor
– 512 MB RAM
– 10 GB storage memory

# of Test Systems Each BatteryLab license operates:

– Up to 8 C8000 test systems
– Up to 32 individual batteries


cadex c7200


The two-station Cadex C7200 suits smaller organizations and storefront operations. 40 watts of charge power at 4 amps per station ensure quick service of larger batteries. This economical analyzer offers similar features to the larger C7400.
Battery voltage range 1.2 to 15V
Charge/discharge current up to 4A per station
Maximum charge power 40 watts per station
Maximum discharge power 35 watts
– reactivating lithium – ion batteries
– The 30-second rapid test
– target capacity sets battery pass/fail
– battery cycle testing


Independent Stations: 2
Battery voltage range : 1.2 V – 15 V
Charge/discharge current: 100mA to 4A in 25mA increments
Maximum charge power: 40W per station, 40W total
Maximum discharge power: 35W per station; 70W total
Line voltages: 100 do 240VAC, 50-60Hz 1.5A max
Chemistry: Lithium-Ion, NiMH, NiCd, Lead acid
Display: 2×40-character LCD, backlit; each station also features RUN, READY, FAIL signal lights.
Size: 307 / 240 / 90 mm
Weight: 3,2 kg.


cadex c7400


With four-stations and 80 watts of charge power, the Cadex C7400 is most economical in terms of cost per station. The extra stations increase throughput and add flexibility in accommodating batteries that require immediate service.
Battery voltage range 1.2 to 15V
Charge/discharge current up to 4A per station
Maximum charge power 55 watts per station
Maximum discharge power 35 watts
– reactivating lithium – ion batteries
– The 30-second rapid test
– target capacity sets battery pass/fail
– battery cycle testing


Independent Stations: 4
Battery voltage range: 1.2 V – 15 V
Charge/discharge current: 100mA to 4A in 25mA increments
Maximum charge power: 55W per station, 80W total
Maximum discharge power: 35W per station; 140W total
Line voltages: 100 do 240VAC, 50-60Hz 1.75A max
Chemistry: Lithium-Ion, NiMH, NiCd, Lead acid
Display: 2×40-character LCD, backlit; each station also features RUN, READY, FAIL signal lights.
Size: 366 / 280 / 97 mm
Weight: 4,54 kg.

VOLTCRAFT UCT 100-6 Digital charger



The latest generation of VOLTCRAFT ® battery-charging stations: high-tech Intelligent battery charging and testing equipment. It can be charged NiCd, NiMH, Li-Ion, Li-Po, Li-FePO4 and lead batteries. It can be as battery packs for modeling, lead-acid batteries for alarm systems, etc. invite all types of round cell batteries quite easily with this station. The practical keypad as well as the clear 2-line display allow easy and fast operation. The bundled software, an evaluation and monitoring of the batteries, be read and stored over a longer period of time on the PC. The two 5 V USB outputs also enable you to MP3/MP4 players, PDAs, portable games to load consoles, digital cameras and any USB-chargeable devices.
– Suitable for NiCd-/NiMH-/Blei-Säure-/Blei-Gel-/Blei-Vlies-/LiPo-/LiIon- and Li-FePO4 batteries
– USB interface for reading on a PC
– Discharge function


Max charging current 5000 mA
Discharge current 1000 mA
Charging channels / Hopper 1
Operating voltage 100-250 V
Plug-in system 4 mm
Discharge power max. 15 W
Load capacity max. 100 W
Suitable battery NiCd, NiMH, lead-acid, sealed lead acid, sealed lead-acid, Li-Ion, LiPo, LiFe
Execution LiPo/LiIon/LiFePO4 1-6 cells NiCd and NiMH 1-15 cells, lead acid batteries 1 – 10 cells
Height 125 mm
Width 275 mm
Weight 930 g


četvorokanalni multifunkcionalni tester za laptop baterije


Four channel multifunctional test system is integration testing of charge – discharge cycle as a whole efficient test systems. The system is a new generation of general purpose battery test system, which is developed for lithium – polymer, lithium ion and lithium iron phosphate batteries.
Support offline is four-channel multifunctional test system another important feature. Users can easily complete the vast majority of the operation without computer.
Four-channel multifuncional system can simultaneosly test battery of four tests, as each channel is independant.


Output voltage: 1000 – 18000 mV
Output current: 50 – 3000 mA
Voltage currency : ± 1 – 2 mV, max ± 5 mV
Current currency :± 1 – 2 mA, max ± 3 mV




This device is designed to test the capacity of the battery.
For testing all types of batteries.
Easy operative-connectors via two wires to the battery – while the device is powered from the battery that is tested, easy to carry to different locations.
The front panel has a large alpha numeric display backlit and all communication is in Serbian language, English is optional.
All parameters are set once and the last result of the testing process is permanently stored even if the device is turned off and loosen the battery for an indefinite period.
Possibility of the testing process interruption and re- continue with the old results.
– Total time battery discharge in the resolution of seconds, minutes, hours.
– total ampere-hours in the resolution of 0.1 Ah
– the battery voltage.
– current discharge


Input DC: min 20VDC – max 275 VDC
Dimensions: 720 x 270 x 720 mm (HxWxL)
Weight: max 38 kg

GAUS CHARGER GC24V24A-PARS High Frequency Intelligent Fast Charger



GCS24V24A – PARS is a microprocessor device for charging, fast PARS charging method, conditioning and maintenance of lead-acid battery with nominal voltage of 6V, 12V and 24V. GC-PARS is a semi-conductor single-phase high-frequency intelligent constant voltage charger with current limitation. This means that the voltage at the output, ie the connected battery reaches current that does not exceed the current limit, and at the achievement of the set voltage, the voltage level is maintained with the current decrease as the battery is recharging. Charging current (current limit) is selected according to the rated capacity or desired feed rate. Also, the value of the charging voltage is adjustable for various charging modes. Charging is controlled by the voltage, current, time and capacity and numerios protection measures are implemented. GC-PARS has RESET and MAINTENANCE operations. Specifically, as the device supports the operation of charging and discharging, it is possible to carry out discharging operation with a constant current up to th elevel of 1.75V/Cell (5.25V, 10.5V or 21V) just before charging operation. Also, after completing the fast charging, the device may enter the maintenance mode (Maintenance) Charging 2.4V/Cell constant voltage (7.2V, 14.4V or 28.8V).


– type of voltage converters: single-phase, semi-conductor converter;
– power supply 230V + / – 10%, 50Hz 1kW, max. output power 800W;
– Nominal input current: 5.5A; Maximum starting current: 7A
– Instruments: LCD display 2×16, Ampermeter 0-40.00, voltmeter 0-40.00V, temp1 -99 to 99C
– the length of the connecting cable with lead terminals: 1.5m-section 6mm2
– Operating temperature: 0 to +40 C


CellTron-Ultra CTU-6000


The CELLTRON ULTRA offers advanced battery testing capabilities for effective evaluation and maintenance of all stationary power systems. Used in telecommunications, power utility, and UPS applications, the CELLTRON ULTRA provides user-friendly techniques for battery management. In most UPS systems, batteries have been demonstrated to be the “weakest link”, and historic methods for evaluation have been cumbersome and inconclusive. The CELLTRON ULTRA combines advanced conductance technology, state-of-the-art portable electronics and convenient data management to facilitate fast, simple, safe and accurate battery management. Utilize pre-loaded data on 12 battery manufacturers to expedite testing and record-keeping. Software and data management techniques allow user to establish battery reference values when data is not available, for reference-free testing. The CELLTRON ULTRAincreases maintenance efficiency and maximizes battery asset utilization all while ensuring power system integrity. Enhanced conductance methodology enables accurate and repeatable testing in the presence of ultra-high electrical interference.


– Model Number: CTU-6000 KIT
– Applications: UPS system testing; Power utility switching and other applications; telecommunications power systems
– Conductance Range: 100-19,900 Mhos/Siemens
– Battery Capacity Range: 10 Ah to 6000 Ah approx.
– Power Requirements: 9.6 Volt, 1600 mAHNiMH internal swappable battery (included) provides more than 1000 test operations before re-charge
– Voltage Range: 1.5-20.0 Volts DC
– Display: LCD-FSTN, 128 X 64 pixel graphical display with green LED backlight
– Operating Temperature: 1 to 40 degree C, 95% relative humidity
– Interface Operations: Kit includes Kelvin probes, clamps and lighted probe extender grips. Custom interfaces available. Professional grade cable connector
– Housing Material: Acid resistant ABS plastic with sure-grip santopreneovermold
– Product Dimensions:12 in. X 4 in. X 3 in. (280 mm X 105 mm X 80 mm)
– Product Weight: 2.6 lb (1 .1 kilo)
– Over Voltage Protection: Fused protection to 600 volts DC
– Test Data Storage: 500 strings of 480 tests
– Temperature Compensation: Automatic adjustments on temp input
– Calibration: Auto calibration prior to every test, no future calibration required