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For different models of cash registers, we produce battery packs with high quality NiMH, Li-Ion and lithium batteries, We also provide memory batteres with pins 2 and 3  and supply the market with sealed lead acid batteries, which are used in some fiscal cash registers.

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The cells that we use for your battery packs are much safer in the light of the environmental protection. NiMh batteries are popular because they have no toxic metals. Lithium and Li-Ion batteries have no hazardous materials such as (lead, cadmium and mercury).   Lead Acid batteries, which are used in a various cash registers, contains  H2SO4, in the form of a gel. Such Lead Acid batteries are much safer than with flow acid, and in the case of damage are spill- free.

Power Telit is specialized in a battery pack production of various cash register types.  Battery packs for cash registers, vary by voltage, capacity and chemistry, and for its production we use the best quality  industrial secondary ( rechargeable) NiMH, Li-Ion or Lithium batteries.


Nowadays Nickel Metal Hydride offers 40% more capacity than Nickel Cadmium batteries but its decisive advantage is the absence of toxic metals.
The main advantages of nickel metal hydride batteries and battery packs in our product range are: long service life, economy, excellent charging and discharging features, wide temperature range and above all, a very short time of battery packs production, with the possibility of sending the sample for overview, including complete documentation (drawings). So, in a constant cooperation with our partners we can offer you …

Cylindrical Cells
Factory model Capacity (mAh) Size Dimensions (mm)
BK110AA 1180 AA Ø14,5×50,0
BK150AA 1580 AA Ø14,5×50,0
BK210AA 2080 AA Ø14,5×50,5
NIMH AA 1.2V 1700mAh FT 1700 AA Ø14.0×50.0
Button memory Cells


Particular attention was paid to the development of the most advanced battery packs in conjunction with the best manufacturers of lithium ion cells.  We offer the battery pack and safety electronics design  and  the final production of the battery pack as part of our product range in constant collaboration with our partners. To create a battery pack for hand tools, we make a selection of the best and most modern cells available on the market.

Li-Ion Cylindric Cells


Factory model Capacity (mAh) Size Dimensions (mm)
UR18500F 3,7V 1620 18500 Ø18×50


Factory model Capacity (mAh) Size Dimensions (mm)
LR18500 3,7V 1500 18500 Ø18×50


A third type of battery is lithium, which most commonly uses the designation BR or CR.

BR lithium batteries come in a variety of form factors but are most commonly available as coin-cell batteries. Manufacturers typically fabricate them using a carbon monofluoride gel and a lithium alloy. This composition has good high-temperature characteristics, and the batteries usually have low self-discharge characteristics. As such, they find use in applications that require long service intervals and have relatively low power requirements. Such applications include water and gas meters, heat-cost allocators, electronic toll-collection systems, and tire-pressure-monitoring systems. These batteries are also readily available to OEMs. The cell’s nominal voltage is 3V, and its discharge voltage is 2.2V.

Specific Lithium Cells
Factory model Capacity (mAh) Size Dimensions (mm)
CR 1/3N 3V N/A 1/3 N Ø11.6×10.8
NiMH 3.6V 80mAh 3P 80 dugmetna Ø15,2×18.5


Rather than submerging the plates in a liquid, the electrolyte is impregnated into a moistened separator, a design that resembles nickel- and lithium-bases system. This enables to operate the battery in any physical orientation without leakage.
The AGM is a newer design and suspends the electrolytein aspecially designed glass mat. This offers several advantages to lead acid systems, including faster charging and instant high load currents on demand. AGM works best as a mid-range battery with capacities of 30 to 100Ah and is less suited for large systems, such as UPS. Typical uses are starter batter for motorcycles, start-stop function for micro-hybrid cars, as well as marine and RV that need some cycling.

SLA batteries for cash registers
Factory model Voltage (V) Capacity (mAh) Dimensions
L-W-H (mm)
LC-R064R5 Panasonic 6 4.5 70-48-102
WP4.5-6 LONG 6 4.5 70-47-101
WP1.3-6 LONG 6 1.3 97-43-53
WP5-12 LONG 12 5 90-70-101

baterije za fiskalne kase


For your cash registers, you need to select the cells that respond to a specific requirements. The final voltage of the battery pack,  its capacity, chemistry and eventually form are the basic factors to be taken into account in the design of the package. For this purpose  we have a large selection of cells, so that we can answer all your requirements.

priprema baterijskog paketa za fiskalne kase


In order to meet the needs of our clients, special attention is paid to the professional and high-quality preparation and development of the battery packs. All battery packs are provided with insulation material to prevent potential short circuit between cells. All cells are  tightly connected into  a compact block,  with plastic wrap and with the necessary contacts to connect to the device. 

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