Stationary batteries are chemically renewable energy source and serve as a backup power source. They are powered through an AC adapter, which converts AC power to DC. While AC power is present, the batteries are in the regime of constant recharging. When the power runs out, stationary batteries take power consumers thereby ensuring continuity of supply with electrical power.


OPzS BSB baterije
The OPzS battery is a traditional tubular plate flooded battery. Positive plates of this type of battery resemble a series of tubes and therefore are called tubular batteries. A battery cover ( ABS ) that holds the active material prevents wastage of active material, so this type of batteries is good for frequent cyclic charge. Nominal voltage for OPzS is 2 V, and is desingned in capacity from 100 to 3000 Ah, and the electrodes are produced as parallel connected plates in capacity from 50 to 250 Ah. OPzS batteries have 20 years design life with a cycle life of 1800 cycles at 80% DOD according to IEC60896-11. This range is most suited for all standby power applications that require the highest levels of reliability and security.

Model Nominal voltaghe (V) Capacity (Ah) Dimension (LxWxH) mm Weight (kg) Terminal type
OPzS2-100 2 100 103x206x354 8.0 T22
OPzS2-150 2 150 103x206x354 10.5 T22
OPzS2-200 2 200 103x206x354 13.0 T22
OPzS2-250 2 250 124x206x354 15.5 T22
OPzS2-300 2 300 145x206x354 17.3 T22
OPzS2-350 2 350 124x206x470 20.4 T22
OPzS2-420 2 420 145x206x470 24.0 T22
OPzS2-500 2 500 166x206x470 26.0 T22
OPzS2-600 2 600 145x206x645 32.0 T22
OPzS2-800 2 800 191x210x645 42.0 T22
OPzS2-1000 2 1000 233x210x645 55.6 T22
OPzS2-1200 2 1200 275x210x645 65.8 T22
OPzS2-1500 2 1500 275x210x795 71.0 T22
OPzS2-2000 2 2000 399x210x771 107 T22
OPzS2-2500 2 2500 487x212x771 131 T22
OPzS2-3000 2 3000 576x212x771 155 T22


Since OPzS batteries are stationary batteries, Telit Power doo is also specialised to integrate these batteries into a large power distribution systems.
On the following photos, you can see some examples of our work.

Ugradjene OPzS baterije primer 1
Ugradjene OPzS baterije primer 2